Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO)

SASO Certification

Just like any other countries, they have set up some form of normal regulatory standards to ensure that imported goods are not a danger to the individual customer and by extension, the nation as a whole, Saudi Arabia is not alone. It’s intensive safety measures involve the issuance of a certificate called the COC.

What is SASO COC?

The Certificate of Conformity (COC) program is a document created by SASO (The Saudi Standards, Meteorology, and Quality Organization) to ensure that products imported into Saudi Arabia have met the necessary Health, Safety and Security prerequisites. Goods to be imported into Saudi Arabia have to pass through certain tests to approve them for consumption after which the Certificate is issued.

Why SASO COC is required?

As importation of counterfeit and unbridled goods continue to pose a serious threat to the economy on a broader scale, SASO struck up the COC to curb this rising risk. Take the COC as the Ticket you hand the clerk before you’re allowed into the cinemas to watch your favorite movie. Thus, if you’re planning to export goods to Saudi Arabia, your shipment MUST be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity.

What is SASO application process?

The application process is as follows:

  The exporter must submit the product for testing to a CERTIFIED and RECOGNIZED third party agency. These agencies reserve the right to issue a COC.

  The Goods in question will be subjected to rigorous testing to see that it meets SASO’s standards. Depending on the category of the shipment, an appropriate lab test will be carried out to ensure that it is in line with the corresponding technical stipulations.
The production process is then audited to confirm that the components or materials used in the manufacture of the products conform to the set standards, such that only materials deemed healthy and safe are used.

  The merchandise is thoroughly assessed to make certain that it complies with the country’s regulations.

  After the goods have been thoroughly tested and approved, the third-party agency can then issue the COC.

These processes could take some time, not to mention the back-breaking costs that could have been avoided in the process.

Also noteworthy is the fact that not all the agencies issuing the SASO COC are recognized in Saudi Arabia, and this could cause a huge problem for your, the importer. Of course, these situations can be avoided if you choose the right SASO Certification Agency.


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