TCIS Inspection Vietnam

TCIS Inspection Vietnam Co., Ltd  was founded in 2015, a fast-growing Testing, Inspection & Certification company.
Having a well experienced professionals of high-level academia with key persons averaging over 20 years of experience with Multinational inspection agencies. Head quarter is located in Dubai and currently has more than 20 offices worldwide.

 TCIS Vietnam Inspection services Includes:
•  Rice
•  Sugar (draft survey supervision and bagging)
•  Tapioca
•  Cashew
•  Coffee
•  Pepper
•  Maize
•  Rubber sheet
•  Fertilizer (Urea)
•  Coal and Minerals
TCIS Services for Agri commodities:
• Loading and Discharging Supervision
• Rice Grading & Classification and packing Supervision
• Pulses and Beans Classification and Inspection
• Cleanliness Inspection of Lighter/Vessel/Container
• Quality and Quantity Supervision Services
• Damage and General Cargo Surveys
• Tally & Counting Services
• Sealing of container
• Physical and Chemical testing
• Supervised Fumigation

  Pre-shipment / Discharge Inspection
•  Quantity Verification
•  Draft Survey
•  Stock Control
•  Physical / Chemical Analysis

We are TCIS Inspection (Vietnam) Co Ltd.  and all employees are very much looking forward to and hope to get your support and cooperation. Your support is a powerful motivation for our progress, cooperation with you is an inexhaustible source of our growth. We will be the sincerest heart to provide you with the best quality, most efficient service. At the same time, we will follow the principle of "mutual benefit and common development" to serve you with confidence and create a win-win situation.

 TCIS Vietnam
Office        : 132/100 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh Districts,HCMC
Email        :
Email        :
Tel/Fax     :  (028)2253-5410
Mobile      : +84 93 564 8832
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